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The Boutique Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa

Moorea is a majestic Polynesian island that boasts volcanic peaks, flowing waterfalls and fern-softened cliffs. Bursting with greenery and lush plant life, Moorea is exactly as you’d expect a South island to look; with palm fringed white sandy beaches and a wide lagoon that surrounds the island with fish filled waters.

Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa

Discover Tropical Paradise at the Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa

With overwater bungalows and garden suites the Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa is the perfect destination for the Tahitian traveller. Boasting the largest infinity pool on the island and private plunge pools in the garden bungalows, there is no shortage of aquatic activities at the Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa.

For those that want to get out to sea, deep sea fishing, scuba diving and dolphin watching excursions are available through booking at reception. The Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa is proud to be a partner of initiatives that are working to protect the delicate coral reef ecosystems, promoting the health of the coral ad attracting a wealth of tropical fish to the environment. You can learn more about the initiative and the work involved here.

Exotic Cuisine and Luxury Accommodation

Just ten minutes from the airport, the Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa is ideally located close the magnificent Cook’s Bay – a must visit for every guest. Offering two restaurants that serve a variety of delicious cuisine that will delight your senses and an exotic poolside bar providing light snacks and entertainment, we are confident you will love our boutique, authentic Polynesian surroundings that are designed to give an insight into our culture.

We invite you to discover one of the lesser known Polynesian islands at the Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa, where you can discover a tropical paradise. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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