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Experience Polynesia with Bora Bora Resorts

Experience Polynesia with Bora Bora Resorts

Experience Polynesia with Bora Bora Resorts

It’s one thing to go on holiday to a tourist destination; it’s quite another to get out and explore the local culture and meet local residents – and that’s exactly what you can do at our Bora Bora resorts. We are proud to bring our guests the rare opportunity to meet with locals and gain an insight into their lifestyle and knowledge, providing you with a precious souvenir that you can keep for life.

Explore Polynesian Culture with Bora Bora Resorts

Explore ancient villages and tropical vegetation with our exclusive guide, and learn all about the rich Polynesian culture and legends while sampling the delicious fruit of our valleys. Discover the diverse vegetation of our Bora Bora resort gardens or take traditional fishing lessons with the local professional fisherman. Craft your own traditional Pareu – flower crown – with our very own Mama Maeva in the beautiful surroundings of a white sand beach bordered by the lagoon, and discover all the ways in which your flower crown can be worn.
Why not take the Polynesian experience to a whole new level and enjoy a Polynesian wedding? With a ceremony on a beautiful beach, a Polynesian Master of the Ceremony, lively and bright dancers and musicians you can be assured that your Polynesian wedding will be a completely unforgettable experience! Flower decorations on the beach and in your bungalow will expand on your Polynesian wedding experience, while the option of a chic barbecue picnic with a bottle of champagne is an excellent way to start your life as a married couple.

Enjoy a Polynesian Wedding in Bora Bora!

We offer a selection of both traditional and Polynesian Bora Bora wedding packages to suit any budget, so whether you’re looking for a simple traditional ceremony or a lively, upbeat Polynesian experience, Bora Bora resorts are the perfect location. Come and discover the secrets of Polynesia with luxurious Bora Bora resorts from SPM and make yours the holiday or wedding of a lifetime.
If you would like more information regarding our Bora Bora resorts or wedding packages, please take a look around our website or contact us directly.



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