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Holidays in Bora Bora – a Great Start to Married Life

Holidays in Bora Bora – a Great Start to Married Life

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When you imagine holidays in Bora Bora , especially at a South Pacific Management resort, the likelihood is that you’ll be picturing beautiful clear water, sandy white beaches and emerald green landscapes.

Imagine a refreshing sea breeze while you enjoy a mouth-watering beverage that’s almost as revitalizing as the sight you see before you - there’s no mistake that it’s a terrific scene, one that can set the tone for the perfect wedding or a relaxing start to married life. Bora Bora is just one of a collection of stunning islands in the South Pacific, and at just 11 square miles it’s a pocket of paradise.


There’s no better way to start married life, than in this most idyllic of locations. Within your first few minutes on the picturesque island, you’ll be struck by its beauty and you’ll immediately understand why it’s been a favourite location for Hollywood movies like Couples Retreat.

wedding boraThe perfect place to start married life, you’ll be pleased to know that we currently have a terrific once in a lifetime honeymoon offer, which is valid until March 31st 2013.

Couples who plan to holiday in Bora Bora for their honeymoon can visit Pearl Beach Resort & Spa and enjoy a bottle of Coral White Wine, with the bride receiving her first souvenir of her time in Bora Bora, a glorious Tahitian black pearl pendant on arrival. With complimentary breakfast and dinner on a daily basis and a discounted room rate, holidays in Bora Bora don’t get much better than this! What a romantic way to start married life!


To find out more about Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, please feel free to browse our website or contact a member of our team for availability or to make your booking.

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