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Partnership with The Ornithological Society of Polynesia “MANU”

Partnership with The Ornithological Society of Polynesia “MANU”

KingFisherWe are pleased to announce the partnership between Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort and The Ornithological Society of Polynesia – “MANU.”  MANU (meaning bird in Tahitian) is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 that works to protect the birds, habitats and biodiversity of French Polynesia, and educates residents and tourists in how they can assist in promoting the sustainable management of natural resources.

Together, MANU will work with the resort staff and local guides to train them on how to protect the local bird population by inspecting and taking inventory of the population on the neighboring “bird island,” as well as the birds situated on the resort’s motu.  Additionally, the organization and resort will search for an isolated motu that is protected from predators to begin a re-integration program of the protected species.  
Activities to raise awareness with the local school on Tikehau and with the island’s city hall are also planned.
The most endangered species in the area is the Tuamotu KingFisher, as only approximately 120 individual birds exist.  So we hope the association with MANU will help to save the bird from extinction and reinsert it into the island environment of Tikehau and throughout Polynesia.
This sponsorship is one of many social and environmental initiatives in place at all six resorts that we managed.  To learn more, please visit and
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