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Explore the Mystique of Bora Bora Holidays

Explore the Mystique of Bora Bora Holidays

Tehaupoo tahiti

Aside from beautiful beaches, weddings and sunshine, Bora Bora holidays offer tourists tradition, intrigue and an air of mystique that stems from its rich history and interesting people. The island has a whole oceans’ worth of stories about the adventures of gods, warriors and legends that once roamed Bora Bora and the surrounding islands. The sights and sounds of Bora Bora holidays are often unique to the South Pacific, and there is nothing more unique than some of the folklore that originated here, and in particular, the stories that surround ‘tattoos’. A Polynesian tradition, they have made their way around the world, gracing the bodies of many, with their humble roots grounded firmly in Polynesian culture. The word originated in the area and legend has it that Tohu, the god of tattoo, describes painting all the oceans’ fish in wonderful and beautiful patterns and colours.

Manava Suite Resort Tahiti In Polynesian culture, tattoos are considered beautiful and with such heavenly surroundings to act as inspiration, you can see why they made their way over to the rest of the world and why they remain such a popular part of the island’s culture today. The artistic nature of tattoos is also seen in Polynesian crafts which have been passed on by generations. Bora Bora holidays are the perfect way to enjoy all the crafts on offer including quilting, weaving, wooden sculptures and tapa – terrific souvenirs for any holiday maker. As you experience ancient traditions, we offer you the perfect place to stay, luxuriously modern accommodation with a variety of amenities. The Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa is the ideal way to enjoy the tranquil settings that Bora Bora has to offer. It features a spectacular view of Mount Otemanu, and, combined with a fantastic location overlooking the ocean, delectable cuisine and magnificent spa facilities, is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience, whether you’re visiting us as a couple, with family or with friends. So what are you waiting for? Book your Bora Bora holiday today and surround yourself with mystery, beauty and intrigue in the heart of paradise.






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