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What Makes Bora Bora The Perfect Vacation?

What Makes Bora Bora The Perfect Vacation?

What Makes Bora Bora The Perfect Vacation?

There’s a lot of hype about French Polynesia and vacations in Bora Bora, but what makes this destination one of the most popular locations for a vacation? First of all there’s the weather. The ‘on’ season for tourists is generally between May and October – the Polynesian winter. But don’t let that put you off; this is the dry season where rainfall is rare and the temperatures still average at a steamy 26 degrees Celsius – plenty hot enough for tourists!


Why Choose Bora Bora Vacations?

If you’re looking for stunning scenery and relaxation, vacations in Bora Bora are meant for you! Bora Bora is a paradise on Earth; surrounded by a dazzling blue lagoon and being home to dense vegetation – not to mention the fabulous Mount Otemanu – gives visitors the chance to explore relatively unchanged land and experience traditional Polynesian sites and ruins.
Vacations in Bora Bora offer so much to do! From exploring the scenery and snorkeling in the lagoon to relaxing by the pool and enjoying pampering treatments in the Manea Spa, there’s something for everyone. Why not take a day trip to a neighbouring island, or have a wander down to the beach and experience Polynesian hospitality?

Discover Bora Bora with SPM

When you’ve made the most of your days of your vacation in Bora Bora, you want nothing less than luxury to come back to and completely relax. Our Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa offers outstanding luxury and facilities that cater for your every need. With a huge pool, fantastic location by the beach and overwater bungalows and beach suites to stay in, the only thing you’ll need is delicious cuisine...which we provide at our fabulous restaurants and snack bars. So, when it comes to vacations in Bora Bora, there really is only one clear choice: the Bora Bora Pearl Beach and Spa.


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