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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy - The Combination of Luxury and Tradition

The hotels managed by South Pacific Management Hotels, Resorts & Spa are designed for lovers of luxury and tradition.

  • Luxury of the destination – Each hotel that was developed on the most isolated and remote islands in French Polynesia have maintained the beauty of the islands without sacrificing luxury.  
  • Luxury of space – These smaller, exclusive properties each have approximately 100 bungalows or rooms.  
  • Luxury of service – Personalized service combined with the quality and warmth of Polynesian hospitality.  
  • Luxury of culinary experiences that blends all flavors and tastes.  A mixture of Polynesian and continental tradition provides a dining experience filled with unique aromas and tastes, creating an array of pleasures for the palate.  A dining experience becomes a true celebration for two and becomes an integral part of the entire Polynesian experience.   
  • Luxury of the love of tradition – Each hotel is constructed to fit in perfectly with its surrounding environment.  Exotic woods, bamboo, pandanus, palm leaves, mother of pearl and shells are the primary materials used in the hotels.  Each property offers a high-quality, refined cuisine created with both Polynesian and international flavors.

The respect of the Polynesian culture is predominant and evident in the design of the properties.

  • Manava Beach Resort and Spa of Moorea - Cantor of the Tiki.
    Statue of rock or wood, a tiki represents the ancient half human, half god.  Originally from the Marquesas Islands, this symbol broke all the barriers to become the identifying symbol of Polynesia.  The mythical personality, who is considered the father of man, is proof of the rebirth of art, culture and the identity of the Marquesian people and the tradition of Polynesia in general.  The Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa is placed under the protection of the Tiki, with statues placed in the lobby, the garden and around the pool.

  • Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa - Rhythm of the “pahu”
    In keeping with the Polynesian spirit, the recurring theme of the hotel is a Marquesian drum incorporated into the decoration of the lobby and bar area.  The “pahu”, symbol of the Marquesas, continues to create the rhythm of Polynesian dances.
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