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Legal Wedding

Legal Wedding

Get legally married in Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora or Tikehau

French polynesia, Tahiti and her Islands, is now the ultimate destination for all around the world couples seeking for the most unforgettable wedding and honeymoon!
Tahiti and her islands have been well known for years as being the most romantic destinations for lovers and honeymooners. Legal destination weddings are now also available!
Let us arrange your dream wedding. We have created a large choice of wedding package and special offers, but first please check the following:

What documents are required?

The future married couple must submit an application file at least one m onth before the publication of the banns (official marriage notice made by the commune) in the commune chosen for the marriage ceremony.

  • A letter signed and dated by both future spouses, addressed to the mayor of the commune chosen for the marriage ceremony (model form enclosed).
  • The « Marriage of foreign citizens in French Polynesia » Form, duly filled, (model form enclosed).
  • Proof of identity of both of the future spouses: copy of the passport.
  • Full copy of the Birth Certificate of both future spouses: the certificates must have been issued less than 6 months prior to the date of the marriage. If issued by a foreign authority, the certificate must be translated and authenticated in conformity with the applicable provisions of the country of origin.
  • If applicable, Death Certificate of the former spouse for widows or widowers: the Certificate must be translated and authenticated in conformity with the provisions applicable in the spouses’ country of origin.
  • If applicable, customary, celibacy or capacity to be legally married certificate: the Certificate must be translated and authenticated in conformity with the provisions applicable in the spouses’ country of origin.
  • <Proof of residence for both of the future spouses (electricity or telephone invoice…) / these documents provide evidence that the future spouses do not reside in France or its territories.
  • If applicable, Marriage contract or Notary Certificate, if the spouses have drawn up a marriage contract. Translated and authenticated if drawn up overseas.
  •  If applicable, Certificate of publication and non opposition to marriage, issued by a French Consulate or a Foreign Authority [The French general instruction on civil status rules (§ 539-1) includes a chart which indicates the countries in which publication of the banns is mandatory].
  • If the above mentioned documents provided as required by French law, do not allow for the Mayor to verify that all the required conditions are met (for example, in some countries there is no mention in the margin of the Birth Certificate that indicates the existence of a previous marriage), he may request any additional document for that purpose or a customary certificate issued by the authorities of the country of origin.
  • Click here to have access to the official form : "Marriage of foreign citizens in French Polynesia"
  • Click here to see the form letter to the attention to the Mayor, you need to fill : Form of Letter to Mayor


What are the different steps?


1/ Plan your wedding date
preferably a date approx 6-8 months away to allow you some time to get ready

2/ Choose the resort where you want to stay in Tahiti, Moorea or Bora Bora
between Manava Suite Resort Tahiti – Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa –– Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa 
(for legal wedding in the other hotels, please contact us .

3/ Book your hotel
by emailing or by calling +689 508445
Reservations office hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm/ Saturday 8am to 12pm HST (Hawaii Standard Time)
4/ Prepare the required documents
This will take you approx 3-5 months

5/ Send us the required documents
You must send us the documents 2 months before the wedding date to allow us some time to finalize the organization of your legal wedding with local authorities.


Legal Wedding FAQ

You will find hereafter all answers to your questions about foreign citizens who are intending to get married in French Polynesia 


  • What are the conditions to get married in French Polynesia?
  • Where will the legal ceremony take place?
  • What to do after once you are back in your country of residence?

What are the conditions to get married in French Polynesia?

  • Both spouses must be at least 18 years old
  • Not be already married in France or overseas
  • Not be of the same sex
  • The spouses must not have a relationship in direct lineage (i.e. marriages between ascendants, descendants and allies in the same lineage, between brother and sister in the collateral lineage and between uncle and niece or aunt and nephew are prohibited).
  • Not be of French nationality
  • Not having resident status in France or its territories
  • Both spouses must be physically present during the marriage ceremony to give their consent
  • The bride and the groom should each choose witnesses – at least one each, but no more than two, who are 18 years of age and over.
  • A translator/interpreter is present at the ceremony.

 Where will the ceremony take place?

Once the file is complete and handed over, the banns will be called and notice of the forthcoming marriage will be posted at the commune, at least 10 days prior to the ceremony.

The day of the marriage, the future spouses, their parents, guests and the witnesses will proceed into the Mairie (town hall) at the time they were confirmed.

The Mayor (or its representative) will carry out the ceremony, in the presence of at least two witnesses, and if required, in the presence of a translator/interpreter convened by the Mayor prior to the ceremony. The ceremony will be held in public, the doors of the town hall remaining open at all time.

After a welcoming speech, the Mayor (or its representative) will read the articles of the Civil Code which state the duties of each spouse. He will however indicate that the applicable matrimonial regime will be the one of the country of origin of the spouses. The Mayor will then ask if the future spouses have drawn up a marriage contract, after which he will ask for the consent of the spouses to the marriage. The bride and the groom will then each answer «oui » to the question whether they would take each other as husband and wife (and «yes» in response to the English version of the question). The rings will then be exchanged, should the future spouses wish to, and the register will be signed by the spouses.

After the marriage ceremony, a French Family Record Book (Livret de Famille) will be delivered by the Mayor to the spouses. Such Record Book will allow the spouses to prove that a marriage ceremony was held.


 What to do once you are back in your country of residence?

The spouses are responsible for contacting their national authorities to enquire as to how a French marriage must be recorded under their country’s laws and regulations.


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