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Tahiti and her islands

Tahiti and her islands

About Tahiti and her islands

Maeva! Welcome! Tahiti - Moorea - Bora Bora - Island names that evoke wonderful states of mind: seduction, honeymoons, romance, adventure and escape... You have probably dreamt about these marvellous, imaginary, fertile world of sun-drenched landscapes that suddenly apppear right before your eyes upon exiting your airplane? Here, around these South Sea isles, a romantic sunset sea sends giant curls of turquoise waves breaking onto the colourful reefs that protect the tranquil lagoon of warm, bright-emerald waters and white coral-sand beaches. "Paradise on Earth"

Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora - high and mythical islands with deep valleys exhaling the intoxicating perfume of the Tiare (Tahitian flower), short lived jewel that one wears over the ear on verdant pathways.
Tikehau - atoll at the end of the world, this "pearl island" enclose in their jewellery box lagoons undreamt of universes: magic illuminates the blue depths where time deposits the pearls of Tahiti. From the north to the south from the fertile plains of the Australes to the sharp cliffs of the Marquesas, these fragrant paradises combine all the different images lavished by generous Mother Nature. Secret or rebellious, savage but never hostile, its beaches, shaded by coconut trees, tell of the centuries of erosion which made them gold or basalt, atoll or mountain.

The Society islands : this group also includes the famous island of Moorea, the magical island, separated from her sister islands Tahiti by only a 17 kms channel, Huahine, the garden of Eden, a wild island situated 175 km northwest of Tahiti which still maintains a very lively, traditional culture, Raiatea and Tahaa, two sacred islands with lush vegetation, enclosed in the same lagoon and offering perfect sailing conditions, famous Bora Bora, the romantic island with her breathtaking lagoon and beaches fringed with coconut trees, and finally Maupiti, the forgotten island, nestled in a jade lagoon, the smallest and the most authentic island of the archipelago.

The Tuamotu-Gambier archipelago is a collection of low islands or atolls. A very special world, situated between sky and sea. Each island encircles its own lagoon with a ring of coral and beneath the crystal-clear waters of each are spectacular underwater gardens and fish of every imaginable size, shape and color. It rarely rains and is a perfect environment for pearl farming. Rangiroa, Tikehau, Manihi, Fakarava are the most frequently visited atolls and provide classified hotel accommodation.
The Gambier Archipelago, rarely visited, consisting of the high island of Mangareva and its fringe of islands which are eroded remains of its former gigantic crater, is situated in the far eastern corner of French Polynesia.


The Marquesas, "Enua Enana" or "land of Men", are a group of high islands near the equator, 1500 km away from Tahiti, whose steep mountains are inhabited by wild horses, goats and pigs. The most well-known are Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Ua Pou and Ua Huka which offer the tourist, among many other points of interest, a magnificent arboretum.

The Austral archipelago, situated far to the south, is also made up of high islands : Rurutu, Tubuai, Rimatara and Rapa. Last inhabited islands of the South Pacific, these ancient volcanoes with soft relief are far off the beaten track. With their "marae", ancient sacred places, and majestic centuries old stone "tiki", these mysterious islands still have note revealed all of their secrets. There are a variety of tropical plants and plants from temperate regions also. This environment is favorable for farming and the Australs provide the other islands with many different vegetables. A special attraction on the Austral islands occurs every year from June ton October when the whales meet in the warm, shallows waters.


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