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South Pacific Management is celebrating thirty years of providing expertise to hotels,restaurants & spa in the Pacific.

Each new hotel is a unique creation. Our mission is to offer you a comprehensive, bespoke support package for each stage in your project, from creating the hotel’s identity to building and operating it.

Our task is to work with you to create an exceptional destination for unforgettable experiences, but also to convert your hotel concept into a commercial reality. Hotels are a real financial game-changer and they need to be perfectly operated to ensure their long-term profitability.

When you opt for South Pacific Management, you are bringing French expertise into your hotel that has proven its worth time.

Thierry Buttaud  – General Director


To compete successfully in markets, corporate strategies and business initiatives must have direct bearing on market trends and customer’s needs, which in turn, directly impact management, corporate funding and operations. South Pacific Management offers you a large range of services to support in your hotel project.

Consulting & Advisory services

South Pacific Management performs consultancy services with a macro and micro understanding of:

  • Business strategies from an owner’s perspective
  • Funding requirements from an investor’s and funder’s perspectives
  • Operational performance from an operator’s perspective
  • Satisfaction from our customer’s perspective

Specialty Management services

Besides providing professional management services for hospitality properties, South Pacific Management provides pre-operational services covering project development and management services, technical and pre-opening services such as procurement and equipping services.

Project Development & Management Services

Unique to South Pacific Management project management capabilities in the development leading up to project management and finally, into day-to-day management operations.

Hence, feasibility studies, project concept development and technical services are performed by South Pacific Management with strong sensitivity to how best a property should be managed in terms of optimal facilities planning, process efficiency and operational yields in order to secure maximum yield.


Today,  South Pacific Management supports 3 hotels and 1 private island .

Portfolio of properties:

Within 30 years, South Pacific Management assists more than 20 hotels in the Pacific.


South Pacific Management is working closely with the following partners.

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Tahiti , Polynésie Française
BP 460 98713 TAHITI
TEL : +689 40 50 84 45
FAX : +689 40 43 17 86
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