Motu Nao Nao, with a surface area of more than 25 hectares, is located in the south of the Raiatea lagoon, only 1,250 m from the main island. Nestled in the turquoise blue of the lagoon and framed by white sand beaches, this motu embodies paradise and invites you to relax.



The island has three remarkable bungalows for two people, built by local designer Alain Fleurot. Each bungalow has been designed to reflect the beauty of the nature that surrounds you, making each one a little paradise on earth where you can retreat for a moment of happiness and relaxation. Motu Nao Nao is available exclusively for a maximum of six (6) people, only one group at a time being allowed on the island.

Villa Mana

Villa Miti

Villa Miri



Surrounded by crystal blue waters and endless skies, Motu Nao Nao’s activities are naturally inspired by the ocean and flora that surround it.

Our staff can arrange private diving, fishing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, kite surfing and other water sports for you and your guests, including visits to nearby Marae Taputapua-tea and local pearl farms. To enjoy the ocean air and surround yourself with the peaceful sounds of nature, paddle boarding, sailing, and land-based activities such as yoga and guided waterfall hikes can be arranged.



The island is located in the lagoon of Raiatea, only 230 km from the island of Tahiti, capital of French Polynesia. The domestic airline Air Tahiti offers daily flights a day to Raiatea. Private cars, boats or helicopters can transport you directly to Motu Nao Nao

Motu Nao Nao

P.O. Box 45, Uturoa, 98735 RAIATEA, French Polynesia

Tel (Motu): +689 40 66 30 14 - Tel (Réservation): +689 40 50 84 45