Rapa Nui, the remotest inhabited island on Earth, offers an authenticity that cannot be cinfused with anywhere else in he world. Home to more than a thousand Moais statues that defy human logic, Rapa Nui, as the island is known, exudes an aura of mystery. To make sure that you experience the island’s mystical nature first-hand in an authentic way, we are associated with a Rapa Nui partner that works exclusively with local guides. In total we offer four archeological excursions that cover the main points of interest related to Rapa Nui. If you are looking for a destination that is off the beaten track and away from maddening crowds, a place where you can slip into a different world, a different culture, where you are sure to meet new and interesting people, a place to be surrounded by a calmness that you might only dream about, then let us welcome you to Nayara Hangaroa. 

Open since september 2012, the Nayara Hangaroa is the most luxury property in Easter Island and also happens to be the only five-star resort on the island.

The Nayara Hangaroa is a place where you will find what it means to be human, where you find simplicity, the origins of man and above all the beauty of nature. It is an invitation to rejuvenate your soul while simultaneously gaining a respect for the nature and culture that surround you. It is an invitation to be both an active part and spectator of an age-old culture that continues to be alive.

The architecture of the Nayara Hangaroa pays tribute to the Village of Orongo. Vestiges of that specific village can still be found on the western summit of the Rano Kau volcano. That is where the Tangata Manu was chosen, the most important ceremony in the second period of the island. The village concept was to promote a harmonic interrelationship between spaces, interwoven by a landscape design of native species, where nature and construction blend together as one.

The rooms are made of noble and natural materials like cypress trunks, clay and volcanic rock. The resort has been entirely designed so that its guests could immerse themselves into the Rapa Nui habitat. Inspired on the idea of “a cave”, spaces are curvy, insular and organic. State of the art technology has been installed throughout the resort, enabling it to control its water and electricity consumption, minimize noise and electromagnetic fields, and heat or cool the environment to each guest desire.

The design of all rooms was specifically made so that guests might completely and utterly “rest and relax.”

The decoration is minimalist, yet reflects the perfect mix between rustic and elegance. Lines are curvy and there is a large hand-made clay tub in the middle of the room. All rooms look out onto the ocean and each room has its own terrace. Rooms also encompass a sink sculpted from volcanic rock and a wide and luminous circular shower. A bioswitch has also been installed near the bed as to guarantee the most restful sleep as it frees the environment from any electromagnetic fields generated by electrical installations.

The 75-room resort is built on a single floor, reflecting all the shapes of the land and making it sustainably integrated to its environment.

The POERAVA Restaurant offers spectacular ocean views from its hillside top, the Poerava Restaurant is the perfect place to dine. For dinner, the featured cuisine delights its guests with contemporary interpretations of intercontinental cuisine, as well as delicate local specialties.The restaurant’s open-air design takes full advantage of the Easter Island feel.

Restaurant Kaloa

The VAIKOA Bar enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean from this poolside Bar. Wine, cocktails and refreshing tropical drinks are served throughout the day, as well as an exquisite selection of appetizers.Rustic, yet very warm and welcoming, it offers most certainly the best views of the island’s sunsets, The Vaikoa bar is thus the ideal place to enjoy sundowners and local cocktails.

Restaurant Poerava

The KALOA Bistro is the perfect spot to savour original bistro food featuring fresh seafood’s and grilled meats. Guests can luncheon on the ocean-side terrace or in the pavilion lounge. Sophisticated, yet minimalist, its charming lounge area (entirely Wi-Fi connected) also offers a wide range of magazines from around the world for you to browse through.Shaped like a snail, this is the only space in the hotel designed in two levels.

Bar Vaikoa

A sanctuary of serenity nestled in the heart of the unspoilt natural beauty of the Island, this sumptuous hotel Spa is an ode to well-being.In a “chic and relaxed” atmosphere at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the Manavai Spa offers the ultimate unique experience and a wide range of treatments that will contribute to your well-being during your Easter Island adventure.
From the moment, you enter this oasis, you will be captured by its architecture, serenity and delicate scents. Gigantic cypress wood beams, dim lighting, elegant wall colors and fabrics, relaxation room and a salt sauna, these tastefully decorated spaces takes you through an amazing journey of the senses.The friendly, qualified and caring therapists provide you with a wide range of treatments using natural products of the island. Here you can deeply relax, and rediscover the ultimate balance and harmony between body and mind.

Let us simply pamper you from head to toe!