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Wedding & Honeymoon


One of the most romantic destination in the world.

Tahiti and her islands are the ultimate destination for couples seeking the most unforgettable wedding or honeymoon.

Palm-fringed beaches of endless white sand and crystal clear lagoons of turquoise blue and vibrant green provide a picture-perfect backdrop for your romantic getaway.


Weddings in French Polynesia redefine the destination wedding experience. Whether you choose a wedding in Tahiti or a wedding in  Moorea, you’ll enjoy the amenities of first-class resorts in an island paradise that has been seducing travelers for centuries.

Our South Pacific wedding packages offer an array of choices from our resorts’ intimate wedding chapels to traditional ceremonies on the sugar-sand beaches. A dedicated wedding coordinator will add personal touches of leis and crowns of tiare and champagne toasts to create a little magic in every moment as you begin your new life together.

Legal destination weddings are now also available!


Many consider the South Pacific islands to be the most romantic paradises in the world, making our resorts the ideal locations for a honeymoon experience of a lifetime.

To make a couple’s stay special and make each instant a great and exceptional moment, we offer the most tender and romantic attentions! We called them “Romantic rendez-vous”.

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Tahiti , Polynésie Française
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Hotels & Private island



Manava Tahiti 1
Manava Suite Resort Tahiti

The Manava Suite Resort Tahiti offers a superior level of luxury for both business and leisure travelers, with a unique Polynesian welcome for all our guests.

Situated on the West side of the island, Manava Suite Resort Tahiti boasts the largest infinity pool on the island, complete with the popular Taapuna Pool Bar, where a sunset cocktail is the highlight of the day, as the rich reds and oranges light up the ocean and spread spectacularly across the sky.

Manava Suite Resort Tahiti has a wide selection of 121 luxury rooms and suites to suit every budget, including spacious garden suites and multi-bedroom duplex apartments. Each has been designed by Tahitian architect/designer Bruno Hervochon, to reflect authentic Polynesian decor, and fitted to the very highest stantdard to ensure your complete comfort and relaxation throughout your stay.

This boutique hotel includes two friendly bars, two restaurants serving the finest of Polynesian and international cuisine, a chic boutique, a fitness center, a beauty institut Manea Spa, and a magnificent infinity swimming pool facing the lagoon and the island of Moorea.

moorea 1400 ps
Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea

This traditional Polynesian style resort is a perfect blend of luxury and serenity for couples, honeymooners, divers and families…

Manava Beach Resort  & Spa Moorea is nestled on the island shore, just by the village of Maharepa in an ideal location, near the majestic Cook’s Bay and the golf of Moorea.

This traditional and contemporaru Polynesian style resort offers 90 rooms and bungalows, as well as one restaurant, two friendly bars, an infinity edge pool, an on-site spa, a meeting room, a boutique and an on-site diving center.

As part of Manava Beach Resort Moorea commitment for the protection of the environment, a coral nursery called To’a Nui has been installed. This park allows a colony of corals to regenerate in perfect ecological conditions.

Nukutepipi Private Island
Nukutepipi Private Island

One of the world’s most exclusive island escapes, Nukutepipi is a secluded French Polynesia private paradise.

It is an idyllic and unspoiled private island paradise located  6000 Km  from the closest continent in the middle of the Pacific. One of the smallest atoll of the French Polynesia Tuamotu Archipelago and measuring approximately 5,6 km, surrounded by deep blue water and a unique ecosystem, Nukutepipi is a haven of rest and a lesson of humility, where all your senses will be challenged and inspired.

Hangaroa Hotel
Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

If you are looking for a destination that is off the beaten track and away from maddening crowds, a place where you are sure to meet new and interesting people, a place surrounded by a calmness tha you might only dream about, then let us welcome you to the Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa!

Open since September 2012, the Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa is the most luxury property in Easter Island and also happens to be the only five-star resort on the island.

The Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa is a place where you will find what it means to be human , where you find simplicity, the origins of man and above all the beauty of nature.


52 rue Paul Gauguin , 98713 Papeete
Tahiti , Polynésie Française
BP 460 98713 TAHITI
TEL : +689 40 50 84 45
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Maeva! Welcome! Tahiti and her Islands names evoke wonderful states of mind: seduction, honeymoons, romance, adventure and escape… You have probably dreamt about these marvelous, imaginary, fertile worlds of sun-drenched landscapes that suddenly appear right before your eyes upon exiting your airplane?

Here, around these South Sea isles, a romantic sunset sea sends giant curls of turquoise waves breaking onto the colorful reefs that protect the tranquil lagoon of warm, bright-emerald waters and white coral-sand beaches. “Paradise on Earth”

Learn more about Tahiti & her islands

2 - How to get here

How to get there ?

Most visitors arrive by air. Faa’a International Airport (PPT) on Tahiti, is the only international airport in French Polynesia. It is located at about 5km west of the capital, Papeete.List of the several airline companies which serve the following destinations: 

Airlines Departure from Flight pattern Length of flight Website
Air Tahiti Nui Paris
Los Angeles
4 / week
8 / week
2 / week
2 / week
Air France Paris
Los Angeles
3 / week
3 / week
Air New Zealand Auckland 2 / week 5h30
Hawaian Airlines Hawaï 1/ week 5h30
Lan Airlines Santiago du Chili 2 / week 11h00
Air Calin Nouméa 1 / week 5h40

Inter-island flights: Air Tahiti airline company provides about 200 flights per week from islands of French Polynesia and the main airport of Tahiti-Faa’a.

Air Tahiti flight schedule is available on the following link:

Tahiti et ses îles


Tahiti is the beating heart of French Polynesia. It is both the gate to the country with Tahiti Faa’a airport and the administrative center of Papeete, the capital and economic lung of the country with its harbor, its businesses and shops.Downtown, Papeete’s market is a must see for anyone visiting the capital island. It features a wide range of the archipelago’s production, from local fish to a rich selection of handicrafts. Yet Tahiti is so much more than Papeete: majestic valleys falling into the arms of the lagoon, rich, restored archeological sites, the Aorai and Orohena, two sharp-peaked volcanic mountains. It also is a big island with an infinite choice of activities. The city offers many diversions and some of the great hotels organize magnificent traditional dance shows that should not be missed. Tahiti iti, the peninsula, holds some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Polynesia; particularly the hike to the Te Pari, a splendid and totally untouched site, and of course Teahupoo, one of the best surf spots in the world. Varied culinary styles: taste the local flavor of the traditional Tahitian oven at the generous buffets organized by the great hotels. Beyond this famous “ahima’a”, the country’s cuisine mirrors Tahiti: colorful and mixed, with Chinese, Italian, French influences, fast food of food vans, those very welcoming and convenient mobile restaurants.

Visit our hotel Manava Suite Resort Tahiti

4 - Moorea


Moorea, the Magical IslandA few minutes from the island of Tahiti by plane, and only thirty minutes by high-speed catamaran, Moorea soars magically out of the ocean in an explosion of green velvet – what you would imagine a South Seas island to be.Captain Cook’s island has one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Pacific. Its turquoise waters reflect the sumptuous harmony of the underwater world where divers might meet turtles, leopard rays or even some scorpion fish amidst coral roses hosting many other species. Also, a multitude of white sandy beaches, the diversity of the underwater coral and the richness of its marine fauna make it a preferential destination.
A wide, shallow lagoon surrounds the island’s vertical mountains where poetic threads of waterfalls tumble down fern-softened cliffs. Peaceful meadows flanked by pinnacles of green will fill your senses and renew your belief in the majesty of nature. Pastel-painted houses surrounded by gardens of hibiscus and birds of paradise, circle the island in a fantasy of happy, yet simple villages.
A favorite among repeat visitors who all agree: the beauty of Moorea is unforgettable…Aimeo I Te Rara Varu, the island’s poetic name, comes from the eight majestic mountain ridges; however, the name was later changed to Moorea-meaning “Yellow lizard”- following a dream by a high priest. Polynesian legend describes the panorama of volcanic ridges as the second dorsal fin of the fish that became the island of Tahiti. These pinnacles later inspired the mythical “Bali Hai” that was based on James Michener’s book, Tales of the South Pacific.                                                                                     

Visit our hotel Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea

Hangaroa Hotel 3

Easter Island (outside French Polynesia)

Polynesian Experiences offer rare interactions with local artists who have dedicated their lives to following in the footsteps of their ancestors. Deeply rooted in mythical origins, Polynesians possess an extensive past filled with tales of epic legends, recounts of famous navigators, cultural practices and art forms passed down from generation to generation.

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

52 rue Paul Gauguin , 98713 Papeete
Tahiti , Polynésie Française
BP 460 98713 TAHITI
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About us


Welcome !

South Pacific Management is celebrating thirty years of providing expertise to hotels,restaurants & spa in the Pacific.

Each new hotel is a unique creation. Our mission is to offer you a comprehensive, bespoke support package for each stage in your project, from creating the hotel’s identity to building and operating it.

Our task is to work with you to create an exceptional destination for unforgettable experiences, but also to convert your hotel concept into a commercial reality. Hotels are a real financial game-changer and they need to be perfectly operated to ensure their long-term profitability.

When you opt for South Pacific Management, you are bringing French expertise into your hotel that has proven its worth time.

Thierry Buttaud  – General Director


To compete successfully in markets, corporate strategies and business initiatives must have direct bearing on market trends and customer’s needs, which in turn, directly impact management, corporate funding and operations. South Pacific Management offers you a large range of services to support in your hotel project.

Consulting & Advisory services

South Pacific Management performs consultancy services with a macro and micro understanding of:

  • Business strategies from an owner’s perspective
  • Funding requirements from an investor’s and funder’s perspectives
  • Operational performance from an operator’s perspective
  • Satisfaction from our customer’s perspective

Specialty Management services

Besides providing professional management services for hospitality properties, South Pacific Management provides pre-operational services covering project development and management services, technical and pre-opening services such as procurement and equipping services.

Project Development & Management Services

Unique to South Pacific Management project management capabilities in the development leading up to project management and finally, into day-to-day management operations.

Hence, feasibility studies, project concept development and technical services are performed by South Pacific Management with strong sensitivity to how best a property should be managed in terms of optimal facilities planning, process efficiency and operational yields in order to secure maximum yield.


Today,  South Pacific Management supports 3 hotels and 1 private island .

Portfolio of properties:

Within 30 years, South Pacific Management assists more than 20 hotels in the Pacific.


South Pacific Management is working closely with the following partners.

52 rue Paul Gauguin , 98713 Papeete
Tahiti , Polynésie Française
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