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Polynesian Experiences

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Polynesian Experiences

Polynesian Experiences

Polynesian Experiences offer rare interactions with local artists who have dedicated their lives to following in the footsteps of their ancestors. Deeply rooted in mythical origins, French Polynesia possesses an extensive past filled with tales and epic legends, accounts of famous navigators, cultural practices and art forms passed down from generation to generation.


Discover the natural wonders of Bora Bora – as expressed in its Polynesian culture, its history and the way-of-life of the islanders. Immerse yourself in a world of luxuriant tropical vegetation as Moana introduces you to the flora, archeology, ethnology and geology of the Valley of the Kings.
You will travel the old trails to explore the remains of ancient villages and places of ceremony (marae).

Your guide will recount the legends of the island and initiate you into the secrets of ancestral plant medicine and sacred trees. And you will sample some of the delicious fruits of our fertile valleys.

Tariff (inclusive of tax) for the 3-hour tour:
Per couple: 13 355 XPF
Leave the hotel at 9.15 am
We recommend you wear tennis or sports shoes




Moana will show you the hidden secrets of Tevairoa motu around the hotel. A fascinating walk introduces you to aspects of Polynesian culture as well as to the geology and tropical flora of our little paradise. It’s a rich and diverse environment where plants, trees and fruits flourish that you would normally only find in mountain zones.





 No charge for self-conducted walk
Guided tour:
Leave the hotel at 5:00 pm
Minimum & maximum participants: 2
Rate (inclusive of tax) for 1 1/2-hour tour:
Per couple – 7,040 XPF


Worn so proudly by everyone, our local pareus never go out of style and Mama Maeva is just the person to unlock their secrets for you. The setting will be a magnificent white-sand beach beside the splendors of the lagoon with the famous Mount Otemanu as a backdrop. Nature will no doubt be your artistic inspiration for the creation of your very own pareu.

 As it dries in the sun, Maeva will show you the many ways a pareu can be worn. To top off your new look,learn how to weave your own flower crown –  perfect to get into the rhythm of the toere and the ukelele…. Live a part of Polynesian culture with Mama Maeva!

Times to suit you from Tuesday to Friday
Minimum participants 2; maximum 4
Rate (inclusive of tax) for 1 1/2-hours:
Per couple – 10 300 XPF


A professional fisherman, Serge invites you to come aboard his poti marara – his locally built boat – and share his passion for traditional fishing. He’ll show you the fishing techniques that have stood the test of time, tell you different ways of locating shoals of mahi mahi and bonito. He’ll teach you how to catch a fish using only a 2-meter harpoon and also demonstrate fishing by the use of stone weights - an uniquely Polynesian method.

 Snacks and local drinks will be available.
A fascinating introduction to another world – you could go home with a new hobby!
Availability on request.
Hours: 7.30 am to 12 noon,
1.30pm to 5.00 pm
Minimum & maximum participants: 2
Rate (inclusive of tax):
Per couple : 103 000 XPF


Enjoy an unforgettable time in the company of an experienced guide, as accomplished in recounting the old tales and legends of his native island as he is in playing the ukelele.
Get away from it all in the perfect peace of the celebrated Bora Bora lagoon, aboard a traditional outrigger canoe. You’ll meet up with the locals in their natural world – rays, black-tipped sharks, turtles. Lunch will include a selection of Polynesian delicacies straight from a traditional earth oven. The setting is a private little island – motu – where you will sip on a glass of champagne, under the shade of a parasol, the lagoon waters gently lapping your feet. You might well think that you have found paradise on the Bora Bora lagoon.

Available every morning
From 9.30 am to 2.30 pm
Minimum participants 2; maximum 12
Rate (inclusive of tax):
Per couple – 100 000 XPF






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