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Polynesian Experiences

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Polynesian Experiences

Polynesian Experiences

Polynesian Experiences offer rare interactions with local artists who have dedicated their lives to following in the footsteps of their ancestors. Deeply rooted in mythical origins, French Polynesia possesses an extensive past filled with tales of epic legends, recounts of famous navigators, cultural practices and art forms passed down from generation to generation.


Take an original and fascinating journey of discovery of the Polynesian people, a saga of settlers from far off lands looking or new horizons. Hiro Damide, holder of a diploma in heritage preservation, will be your guide through the story of the greatest maritime migration of all time, the peopling of Polynesia from ocean-going canoes. He will take you to the cultural site of Tetiiroa Marae and the little Museum of Moorea where you will learn more of the history, beliefs and way-of-life of those extraordinary navigators and adventurers.

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday
Mornings from 8 – 11am • Afternoons from 1 – 4pm
Tariff (inclusive of tax): Per person – 7 300 XPF


Dany would like to introduce you the sensuous charms of Polynesian dance. You’ll benefit from her experience and the skills that are handed down from generation to generation. There are 3 lessons of 30 minutes each. You’ll also get to watch the group that performs at the hotel. A pareu demonstration will complete your initiation. To take home, you will be presented with a certificate of Polynesian dance.


1st lesson: Learn the basic steps and movements
2nd lesson: Explanation of the meaning of the gestures
3rd lesson: Choreography
On stage: every Saturdays, join in with the performing dance group and receive your certificate.
Available on request
3 sessions of 30 minutes each plus the dance show
Tariff (inclusive of tax): Per person – 8 300 XPF


The identity of a people is expressed in what it eats. Hiro will introduce you to the traditional foods of our land, our fenua, and how they have evolved over the many years of the maohi people’s saga. He will tell you about the start of commerce in foodstuffs, the introduction of foods from elsewhere, the dietary and agricultural practices of his ancestors.

After his fascinating account you may well feel your mouth watering – it’s time to go to the hotel restaurant to sample a typical Polynesian food platter.
Available on request 2 hour session
Minimum participants: 2
Tariff (inclusive of tax): Per person – 5,500 XPF


The accent of this tour is eco-touristic – devoted to the splendors of inland Moorea. You will visit the Agricultural College of Opunohu and a number of tropical fruit plantations. Your guide has a diploma in Polynesian history and will tell you about the origins of our fruit trees, some imported and the impact they have had on the fragile island environment. Of course, your tour will included a tasting of succulent tropical fruits!

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
3 hour tour from 8am to 1pm and from 11am to 4pm
Minimum participants 2; maximum 6
Tariff (inclusive of tax): Per person – 7 300 XPF


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