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Toanui, the coral nursery

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Toanui, the coral nursery

 To'A Nui Experience - the coral nursery at the Manava Beach Resort and Spa Moorea

Coral reefs constitute a unique ecosystem in the world but for many reasons (pollution, tourism, fishing, changes in the climate) 60% of them are threatened to death.
That is why, the Manava Beach Resort and Spa is partner of initiatives in order to protect them and to sensitive public opinion to this problem. A marine biologist collect stressed or broken colonies in damaged spots at the hotel. Then the colonies are being placed within a nursery where the biologist take care of them and follow their evolution. Once the colonies are ready they are being fixed onto specific artificial reefs set in the 3 different coral garden of the To'A Nui of Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa.  Thanks to all constant efforts conducted since 2006 towards this coral nursery, on site coral colonies are in much better conditions of health.

Our action is to give sick corals a chance of survival and to procreate, attracting a large variety of fish and invertebrates and make young people of Moorea sensitive to protection of coral reefs.

The beauty and diversity of the coral reefs have always been a subject of marvel for coast and inland dwellers as well as passing sailors and they have exerted a deep spiritual and aesthetic influence on many people. We can distinguish 6 main types according to their forms: Branching or staghorn corals have branches of varying thickness and length and grow quicker than hard corals. Massive corals are often larger than other corals, despite their slow rate of growth but helped by their resistance to external types of aggression.

Foliate or leaf corals appear like veritable giant leaves. Encrusted corals grow by spreading themselves over rocks and other corals. Free standing or walking corals that have a single polyp. Table or plate corals that look like a large table or big stairs. 



To know further about our action, download our To'A Nui brochure

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