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To'A Nui, the coral nursery

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To'a Nui Experience - The coral nursery


In 2001, the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa started a collaboration with marine biologist Denis Schneider, to install 30 artificial reefs within the lagoon of the hotel, amid the overwater bungalows. Distressed coral colonies are able to regenerate there in perfect ecological conditions.
This project has been successfully completed in 2005 thanks to the non threatening conditions for the fish and coral, combined with scientific research, environmental care and educational activities.

About Denis Schneider and "Espace Bleu" company

Espace Bleu launched in 1999 to preserve the underwater environment by establishing partnerships with local hotel chains. The goal is to create coral nurseries to work on stressed animals as there are no officially protected areas in the lagoon of Bora Bora. As a marine biologist and director of "Espace Bleu", Denis Schneider is the main pioneer of the Toa Nui project. As a guest speaker at the Bora Bora junior high school, he noticed the degradation of certain types of coral and resolved to establish a rescue program that could also serve as a basis for training and for communicating with a larger audience. The concept of the coral nursery then appeared as a solution both essential and innovative to save part of the doomed coral.


Environmental care

French Polynesia remains one of the few ecological oasis in the world's oceans. But the Pacific Ocean and our tiny islands are fragile ecosystems. The Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, as well as the other properties under SPM management, wish to do their part for environmental preservation and for increased world awareness on the many aspects of this vital issue. We are sure that a holiday in Tahiti and her islands would
make anyone a nature lover. Unless our guests decline, a 2-dollar daily fee is added to their bill to help finance both the coral nursery and its cooperation program with Bora Bora schools and local population.


The ecological nursery : a powerful tool for future eco-citizens

 - Protection and development of the coral population
- Preservation of a biodiversity zone
- Scientific research led by a marine biologist on coral transplantations.
- Increase in the number of fish and corals under the resort's overwater bungalows.
- Prevention or reduction of erosion from the beach and the sea bed.
- Maintenance, protection and development of the natural heritage of French Polynesia.
- Educative excursion program linked to the French Polynesian lagoon discovery.
- Awareness- building for resort guests and local population.
- Awareness building and training for resort staff.



Isabelle Adjani, Ambassador for Polynesian Coral


During her last vacation in the idyllic setting of le Taha'a Island Resort & Spa, legendary French actress Isabelle Adjani took a particular interest in the marine environment. Specialists in the subject showed her the important role played by coral in French Polynesia; where the local population is intimately dependent on its marine surroundings. Very much conscious of the importance of such a cause, Isabelle Adjani, who is already a spokesperson for Nicolas Hulot's "Défi pour la terre" (Challenge for the Earth) received a diploma as "Honorary Godmother" of Reef Check Polynesia. The famous actress has now become sponsor of a coral colony that bears her name in the heart of To'A Nui.


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