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With a wide range of activities, the only problem you’ll have is finding enough hours in the day!

Visiting the moai sites and volcanos, attending Sunday mass at 9 in the morning (sung in rapa nui by the island elders), diving in the christal clear waters, eating tuna or lobster and falling in love with the amazing sunsets of Tahai, are just a few of the rituals to experience when visiting Easter Island.  


Horseback Riding

Seeing Easter Island from the saddle of a horse is a typical Rapanui experience and an ecofriendly way to discover the visual appeal of the island. A network of trails leading to some of the most beautiful sites can be explored on horseback. The good news is that you don’t need to be an experienced rider. Guided trips can be organized and take you through some of the sites near Hanga Roa or more remote places, such as Orongo, Anakena, Rano Raraku or the north coast. The ultimate tour is an excursion that takes in the eerie landscape around Terevaka or Península Poike (highly recommended).

Hikking the Rano Raraku Volcano

The Rano Raraku Volcano is located in the South Coast, around 20 km from Hanga Roa. Without a doubt one of the most interesting archaeological sites on not only Rapa Nui but in the entire world. There you can find 396 Moai in the quarry which is an extinct volcano that has an amazing fresh water crater. Some of the statues are still encrusted in the rock of this quarry never to be moved. Others are in a process of getting their backs finalized and highlighted; some are in the “staging area” waiting for the moving crew to bring the Moai to its destined Ahu. Here we will also see the largest Moai ever carved called "Te Tokanga" or "El Gigante" which measures a staggering 22 meters or 66 feet and weights an estimated 220 tons.

Visiting the Anakena Beach

Beach bums in search of a place to wallow will make a beeline for this picture- postcard-perfect, white-sand beach. It also forms a perfect backdrop for Ahu Nau Nau, which comprises seven moai, some still with their topknots. On a rise south of the beach stands Ahu Ature Huki and its lone moai. Once experienced, it will be easy to understand why the first king of the island Hotu Matu’a landed on this beach and started one of the most amazing megalithic cultures this world has seen.


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