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With a wide range of activities, the only problem you’ll have is finding enough hours in the day!

Visiting the moai sites and volcanos, attending Sunday mass at 9 in the morning (sung in rapa nui by the island elders), diving in the christal clear waters, eating tuna or lobster and falling in love with the amazing sunsets of Tahai, are just a few of the rituals to experience when visiting Easter Island.  


The Arrival of Hotu Matu'a

Experience a day of legends following the past of Rapa Nui. Get to know the importance of the ariki Hotu Matu'a -not only from the place of his disembarkation to his tomb, but also during the following 700 years after settlement with all the efforts that went into production of the Moai (statues).

Route: Anakena - Ahu Te Pito Kura - Ahu Tongariki - Akahanga

Duration of tour: 6 hours app (Full Day Tour)

Difficulty: Easy, except Rano Raraku where it's moderate

The Power of Birdman

When the Moai and the Ahu were destroyed and chaos was imminent, a new order rose: the reign of the Birdman. Visit the sites of the annual ceremonies and see where unrivalled competition of physical dexterity and strength gave power to the competitors able to obtain the first egg of the manutara. Get to know the last center of Rapa Nui's pre-history.

Route: Ana Kai Tangata - Rano Kau - Orongo

Duration of tour: 3.5hours app (Half Day Tour)

Difficulty: Easy


Looking Towards the Stars

During the last period of the Moai era (the most important of Rapa Nui's culture), the descendants of the Polynesians navigators tuned their eyes towards the sky. Mahinatur will take you to the archeological sites that tell the connection between the islanders and the universe. The Ahu (altars) and the Moai (statues) prove the magnificient development of megalithic construction with astronomical orientation.

Route: Ahu Uria Hurenga - Ahu Akivi - AHu Vai Teka - Puna a Pau

Duration of tour: 3.5 hours app (Half Day Tour)

Difficulty: Easy


The First Ahu (altars)

The most complex altars of the Polynesian culture in the South Pacific are on Rapa Nui. We invite you to a voyage through time and ahu architecture, to the altars that procede the statues to understand the customs and spiritual traditions of the island's first inhabitants. Get to know the center of ancient times on Rapa Nui.

Route: Ahu Vinapu - Ahu Hanga Pokura - Ahu Hanga Te'e (Vaihu)

Duration of tour:3.5 hours aprox (Half Day Tour)

Difficulty: Easy


The Twilight of the Moai

Rapa Nui is known throughout the world for its moai, but before we could see images of the reconstructed statues, the island went through one of its worst periods. We will lead you on the road of the twilight of Rapa Nui's megalithic past. You will visit west coast sites to understand how a civilization that was able to reach such an elevated level of cultural development could destroy itself before it would rise again.

Route: Museum - Ahu Tahai - Ahu Hanga Kioe

Duration of tour: 3.5 hours aprox (Half Day Tour)

Difficulty: Easy

Suggested equipement: raingear, proper hiking shoes, sunscreen and comfortable clothes.

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