Polynesian Legends

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The mystery of the Moai

The famous Moai statues, which have made the reputation of the island are called Moai. These monoliths are between three and twenty meters high. And their weights ranged from three to one hundred ... tons. What surprised was the first explorers to see the means available to the natives eventually able to move the stone blocks. According to estimates, observations, pins used to account for Moai, we count, at a minimum, three hundred. James Cook even ask "how these islanders, who knew in any way the powers of the mechanical masses could raise so amazing, and then place above the large round stones." "These singular monuments, being above the existing strength of the nation, are the remains of a likelyhood most fortunate time. Seven hundred islanders, private tools, housing and clothing, while the occupied Care to find food and to meet their basic needs, could not build platforms that would require centuries of work. "Especially since they are constructed from basalt found in the flank of the volcano Rano Raraku.

The mystery of writing Rongo-Rongo

In addition to the moai, writing Rongo-Rongo on wooden tablet, is surprising, even stunning. Indeed, the timber has served carrier is not located on the island. Certain assumptions, based on the visual similarities between the two scriptures, give origins in the valleys of the Indus. Another, due to the appearance of monoliths, argues that the first arrivals would rather ... Scandinavian. It is understandable, given that no trace (or at least, that we still find any) and the last person to be able to understand these tablets, died without transmitting his knowledge, scientists, and amateur scientists, looking to break, by all means, even the wacky, the secrets of this mysterious island. 

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