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Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use which simultaneously preserves the environment so that human needs can be met for future generations. EarthCheck is the only global benchmarking system and certification focused on strengthening the travel and tourism industry’s sustainability. EarthCheck provides a certification that responds directly to major environmental problems facing the planet, including the greenhouse effect, over-use of freshwater resources, destruction of biodiversity, production of solid and biological waste and social issues.

Due to our consistent endeavors in sustaining our environment and ecosystem,  le Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa has been awarded with the EarthCheck Benchmarked certification - Bronze 2011. This hotel has been recognized for its Energy Consumption, Drinking Water Consumption, Waste Sent to Landfill, Waste Recycling Rating, Community Commitment and Cleaning Products Rating, which is "an achievement to be highly commended" according to the advisory board. The property's ongoing sustainable practices include offering tours of local fruit plantation to learn how both native and importantt species impact the environment. ed and Operation Specified Indicators, which according to the advisory board, "further demonstrates a very positive commitment to protecting the environment and furthering staff development". The resort ongoing sustainable practices include To'A Nui (the preservation of coral nurseries and their marine life) and purchasing fish directly from local fishermen, who use small-scale sustainable methods. In addition, the property will soon begin donating a portion of its proceeds to ecological initiatives.

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