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The Monoï road - Tahiti

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The Monoï Road® Launched at the initiative of the Monoï Institute and the Chamber of Commerce of French Polynesia, the Monoï Road® is a unique invitation to discover the cult oil on its natural land.

With 22 « à la carte » stops around the Island of Tahiti, the road allows you to learn more on its natural ingredients, its preparation and many usages.

Visit a field of Tiare Tahiti Flowers, a Coconut grove, attend a botanical workshop, meet with a mama, indulge in a traditional massage performed by a Tauha or in a state of the art spa… Each stop will be the occasion of a fabulous encounters.

Wherever you may be, whether you've just a few hours to spend or a whole day, on the Monoï Road® you can design your own unforgettable journey through nature, culture and the art of caring for your hair and skin.

Manava Suite Resort Tahiti is supporting this great initiative from the very beginning and is proud to be one of the 22 stops suggested along the road. The hotel is the n°7 stop and invites you to check out its Manea Spa where all massages are made with true tahitian Monoï oil.

Click on the map here below to discover the itinerary of 22 "à la carte" stops around the island of Tahiti.





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