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Environment & Sustainable development


Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use which simultaneously preserves the environment so that human needs can be met for future generations. EarthCheck is the only global benchmarking system and certification focused on strengthening the travel and tourism industry’s sustainability. EarthCheck provides a certification that responds directly to major environmental problems facing the planet, including the greenhouse effect, over-use of freshwater resources, destruction of biodiversity, production of solid and biological waste and social issues.

Due to our consistent endeavors in sustaining our environment and ecosystem,  Tikehau Pearl Resort has been awarded with the EarthCheck Benchmarked certification - Bronze 2011. This hotel has been recognized for its Energy Consumption, Potable Water Consumption, Waste Sent to Landfill, Waste Recycling Rating, Community Commitment and Cleaning Products Rating, which is "an achievement to be highly commended" according to the advisory board. The property's ongoing sustainable practices include also supporting the creation of a protected marine area for manta rays, the employment of locals and household-waste selecting which allowed the hotel to obtain recently the Tortue d'Or 2011 award.

Partnership with The Ornithological Society of Polynesia “MANU”

We are pleased to announce the partnership between Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort and The Ornithological Society of Polynesia – “MANU.”  MANU (meaning bird in Tahitian) is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 that works to protect the birds, habitats and biodiversity of French Polynesia, and educates residents and tourists in how they can assist in promoting the sustainable management of natural resources.

Together, MANU will work with the resort staff and local guides to train them on how to protect the local bird population by inspecting and taking inventory of the population on the neighboring “bird island,” as well as the birds situated on the resort’s motu.  Additionally, the organization and resort will search for an isolated motu that is protected from predators to begin a re-integration program of the protected species.  
Activities to raise awareness with the local school on Tikehau and with the island’s city hall are also planned.
The most endangered species in the area is the Tuamotu KingFisher, as only approximately 120 individual birds exist.  So we hope the association with MANU will help to save the bird from extinction and reinsert it into the island environment of Tikehau and throughout Polynesia.
This sponsorship is one of many social and environmental initiatives in place at all six resorts that we managed.  To learn more, please visit and



The Turtle Guardian Program on Tikehau

Since 2006, Te Honu Tea has conducted a program of turtle conservation on the island of Tikehau. It is financed by the Ministry of the Environment and supported by local partners – Tikehau Te Ora, an  association devoted to environmental protection, and by the island council of Tikehau. The protocol was developed with the help of Eric Delcroix of the Turtle Network of Guadeloupe who spent a week on site in 2007 with Alexandre Tavalé, biologist with Te Honu Tea.

The Warden of Tikehau

Following the organization wish that preservation be carried out as far as possible by the island’s inhabitants, the Turtle Warden of Tikehau is William Harrys, a fisherman of Tikehau, aided by his wife, Nathalie. Having himself fished for turtle until its prohibition, William has a perfect knowledge of the habits of Chelona mydas, the green turtle, classified as an endangered species by IUCN. He knows how to date a nest, anticipate the hatching of baby turtles and identify a turtle’s tracks on any type of ground. Within the Turtle Guardian program, he counts the nests, protects them until hatching time (since crabs, rats and also humans are very partial to the eggs) and watches over the baby turtles until they return to the sea. He patrols the beaches regularly during the laying season for the females lay several times at two-weekly intervals and always in the same spot, a behavior that facilitates their capture by poachers. Alexandre, our biologist, spent the first laying season at Tikehau with William, to train him in the use of a GPS and gathering of general data. Since 2008, William is responsible for collecting by himself scientific data (size, weight, number of eggs…) while a member of the association makes regular visits to bring him material and follow up progress. At season’s end, William’s data are collected and analyzed.

A detailed description of three successive laying seasons was a first in Polynesia. Apart from a purely scientific aspect, from a conservation viewpoint the results are very encouraging: while in 2007, no turtle was able to lay a second time because of serious poaching, in 2009, thanks to the awareness campaign and the dissuasive presence of the warden, a record of 7 successive layings was observed. in three years, the number of nests has increased by 300%, due to the increase in the number of layings per female.
the program is supported to a greater and greater extent by the local population, and other islands, including Mataiva, have asked for a similar program.

Continuation of the Program
In October 2009, the Turtle Guardian Program started its 4th laying season. Unfortunately we are now obliged to finance the program from our own resources since no official funding is available. We are   able to pay William only on a half-time basis and Alex works as an unpaid volunteer… It would be a great pity if such a program, which is also a creator of employment in the islands, were to be abandoned through lack of funds. In the meantime, we hope to start up a similar program at Mataiva (even with a Turtle Warden there) and we are working with school children on these two islands, designated Little Turtle Wardens.



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