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Romantic Rendez-Vous

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Romantic rendezvous Experience

The Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort is the ultimate secluded romantic experience. We give lovers our utmost, attentive care, to make each instant an exceptional moment. That is why we created the "Romantic rendezvous." From breakfast on the water to lunch on the beach to dinner under the stars of the Southern Hemisphere, the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort offers many ways of celebrating your love and of making your vacation a trove of unforgettable memories. A Tikehau honeymoon, or a wedding anniversary, will forever give your love a taste of heaven.



Romantic terrace breakfast

At the first rays of sun on the lagoon, your American breakfast will be delivered from the sea, complete with homemade pastries and tropical fruit.

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Blue Lagoon Breakfast

Few places in the world offer this exotic note. At the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, experience a full American breakfast, barefoot in the turquoise waters, shaded by a marquee. At a table dressed by an attentive vahine, you will salute the sun as if this were the world's first morning.

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Romantic Lunch (in your bungalow)

On the terrace of your bungalow, away from prying eyes, enjoy a tropical lunch. Let yourself be treated to our Chef's creations that combine so well Polynesian products and French know-how.


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Barefoot Beach Lunch

For those who do not want to miss one moment of our pink sand beaches. Our Chef's fusion cuisine and all the dishes on the menu come to you all the way to the lagoon. Please ask about our beverage options.


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Sunset cocktail

Is there anything more magic than the combination of a rare wine or an exceptional champagne with a sumptuous sunset ? Top off your lover's day and enjoy champagne and canapés in the intimacy of your bungalow's deck, facing the romantic spectacle of palm trees against the lagoon and the sky set afire by the setting sun.


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Romantic Dinner (at the restaurant)

A Tikehau vacation, and particularly a Tikehau honeymoon, would not be complete without a romantic candlelit dinner. Choose our Champagne Menu (75cl), with à la carte or special-order dishes, served in a private corner of the dining room. Splurge on an original and tasty wedding cake.


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Starlight Dinner (in your bungalow)

What's a romantic evening in the Tuamotu without the blessing of the Southern skies, dominated by the Southern Cross and lit up by the Milky Way ? The Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, so far from interfering ground light, invites you to discover a thousand stars that can only be seen from the South Seas. À la carte or special-order, with the champagne of lovers, the Chef will surpass himself to give you an unforgettable experience.


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Escapade picnic on the motu (private) 

If you dream of adventure and escape, the private picnic gives you a glimpse of "Castaway" in one of the most romantic settings in the world. Carried by the trade winds and the small boat that links the islets, in 30 minutes you'll arrive at your own pink sand motu. Only the picnic, carefully prepared by our Chef, will remind you that the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort stands vigil to your love. Half day.

  • 1 Boat ride
  • 1 Lunch on a private islet (Wine & beverages included)

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Gourmet picnic on the motu (private)

Imagine you wanted to get lost on a pink sand islet without giving up refinement and comfort. This is the gourmet picnic, its delicate and elegant menu specially elaborated for the occasion and served, with champagne, on a tastefully set table, under the attentive care of your own "man Friday." Half day.

  • 1 Boat ride
  • 1 Lunch on a private islet
  • 1 Bottle of Champagne (75 cl)

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